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CHARMED Gifted Program

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Hair Braiding licenses

Calling out All Gifted, Motivated Entrepreneurs!!!


We at Charmed Beauty Salon created this

Program to give back to anyone who seriously wants to enter the Hair Industry. 

Age 16 & older to join.

This program will help you reach your full potential


The CHARMED  Gifted program will provide you with:

License to work in a salon

Tools to become your own boss

Opportunity to own your own salon 

Guidance throughout Your Stay at Charmed Beauty Salon

Also, you will have the opportunity to start building your clientele right at Charmed Beauty Salon.

and MORE



$150 Fully Refundable Upon Completion) (Security)(Ask us how)


 Come & Invest this time in Your Future.


Limited Time



Enrollment Application

Requirements All students must:

• be at least 16 years of age or older.

• have a high school diploma

• If still in high school, must show proof of enrollment and a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA)

• Provide a copy of Social Security Card

• Provide a copy of a Valid Photo ID—State Issued ID only

• Provide a copy of High School Diploma/GED

 If student is not in high school, does not possess a GED or high school diploma, he or she must take a placement test and score on an 8th grade level.     

Braiding  Application/Certification Processing Fee $150. fully refundable




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